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Looking for a collection of the most used poses in fashion illustrations? Then THE BASIC BUNDLE is the best solution for you. It's a bundle of female fashion templates in the six most essential stances in fashion design. The fashion templates in this set offer a variety of versatile active and static poses. Therefore THE BASIC BUNDLE is suitable for showcasing elegant dresses as well as casual outfits. The set features: + Static Standing Figure + Three-Quarter View Figure + Side View Template + Back View Template + Sitting Figure + Catwalk Figure + BONUS: 4 body charts, so you can easily construct your own fashion croquis Show us your creativity and art! Simply use the hashtags #TheBasicBundle and #DrawWithMichaela on social media to share your designs with our community! * HOW TO USE A FASHION TEMPLATE * Creative people and designers often have a tight time schedule and the competition in the fashion industry grows each second. As a result it's essential to invest your time and efforts in the garment-construction process. The perfect solution to be more efficient and leverage your talents is to use fashion templates for your designs. Furthermore, our done-for-you figure templates are based on the ten heads scale, which makes them ideal resource for every professional or aspiring fashion designer or fashion illustrator. They are easy to use and modify. In our SHOP you can find a variety of fashion figure templates in versatile poses suitable for all styles of garments. There are several ways to use a fashion design template for your designs. - If you work with digital fashion sketches, you can import the fashion figure template into your graphic design software and draw your design on top of the model. - If you prefer traditional media, you can print the figure out and transfer it to a suitable paper and add your design to the sketch. - You can collage something over the fashion figure using digital software, cutouts from magazines, pieces of fabrics, etc. - You can also use a close-up of the upper or lower body, if you don’t need a full body template. If the template doesn't match your drawing style or the one of your collection, then you can make adjustments easily. While tracing, consider changing or loosing facial features, accessories or hairstyles and replacing them with your own vision about it. __________________________________________________ Artist: Michaela Koleva Website: Artwork copyright © 2017 Michaela Koleva

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